Saturday, October 22, 2011

#McCann #Spain : Web Of Deceit

McCanns : If The case were re-opened tomorrow Maddies parents would be the ONLY persons of interest to the police.

Journalists do not investigate, for if they did ,they would ask the deceitful McCanns why ,..before the case was shelved they did not ask for the investigation to remain open as was their right ? One may also ask what kind of parent swans around the world living from their dead daughters remains !

Search for Maddie costs 3 million

Investigation: Gerry and Kate McCann had the book in Spain

Search for Maddie costs 3 million
Kate and Gerry McCann yesterday assured the Spanish newspaper 'El Pais', so far have spent about three million euros in the search for her daughter Maddie, who disappeared in May 2007, the interior of one room apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

The interview with the British couple held in Madrid on the sidelines of presentation of the book 'Madeleine' Authored by Kate McCann, the work is based on a medical journal that she began writing in the moments following the finding of the disappearance of their daughter, and an attempt is taken of the couple to "win funds to continue the search for Maddie."

The three million reportedly spent by the family to ascertain the whereabouts of her daughter served to establish a Web site, call center and pay the detectives, among other matters.

During the past four and a half, Kate and Gerry arrived to receive donations from millionaire Richard Branson (owner of the multinational British Virgin), and JK Rowling (English writer, author of Harry Potter). The money, however, waned.

However, despite the lack of practical results of the investigation, the McCanns ensures to continue searching for the daughter. "We find it incredible that there are no police to look for - it. All official investigations are closed," said Kate McCann.

Regarding the Portuguese police, Kate and Gerry do not spare the criticism, both recall, the very night of the disappearance of the girl (May 3, 2007). "We were stung, involved in the case," noted Gerry McCann, extending the criticism of the Portuguese media.

"I never cease to feel guilty. If we had seen the slightest danger that night, we would have done otherwise," concluded Gerry.

SOURCE: Annabel  - MMF Forum.