Sunday, October 2, 2011

#McCanns #Knox #Anthony: They Will Never Be Free Because They Know The Truth And Their Guilt Will Always keep Them A Prisoner.

One cannot begin to imagine the pain the Kerchers are going through as the hours drag by until they hear the verdict . Amanda Knox and her parents PR Campaign, (just like the McCanns and their PR Stunts and fake sightings ) have 'cleared' their daughters name through the media, as far as the majority of American people are concerned Amanda is innocent ! the slander and abuse thrown at the Italian Judicial system from the U.S. press , the same  way it was thrown at Gonçalo Amaral and the people of Portugal.

Tomorrow, if Amanda walks , the Kerchers will have to hear about their daughters killer and they have no doubt she did kill Meredith. They will have to hear about her chat shows , her latest book, the movie and the fact she will become very very wealthy, it will be the American way of dealing with 'Amanda' the victim' and will reach a point where one will question Meredith, Meredith who ?

The Tapas 7 , had they known then ,what they now know , would they have lied about neglecting their children to help what can only be described as the evil side of the McCanns ?...had they known Kate would turn her own little Maddie into a cash cow would they have helped them fabricate an abduction ? we will never know, but what has now become very clear, justice has a new way of dealing with the guilty. The victim , to be  forgotten, Meredith, Madeleine, Caylee and those who have harmed them may now clear themselves through expensive PR Stunts and go on to write books, movies will be made, while people like the McCanns and Knoxes of this world cleverly turn themselves into the victims....what a very strange world we live in.

What price loyalty :

Google Dr.David Payne a member of McCanns group, forever known as a suspected paedophile.

Google the McCanns friends rogatory statements, forever known as a bunch of drunk child neglectors.