Monday, October 24, 2011

#McCanns - Sick Of Faked Abductions ? MY Words To The McCanns Of This World.

They are the words of Seamus BUT they are the words of how so many of us feel. Sick of lying parents who harm their children, hide their small bodies and then go on to live from their dry bones. Sick with the knowledge of how many peoples lives they have destroyed along the way, knowing their child is dead and still they take money from those who truly believe their sick macabre folklore.They are disgusting and evil people.

Note to McCanns, Carter Ruck, Brian Kennedy, Gordon Brown and the rest of your cronies :

We have not recovered from the abuse of the system at the hands of mercenary greedy, fame and fortune seeking lawyers.

Maddie deserves better than this media circus where her parents and lawyers fall over each other trying to grab a dollar off of a child's drop of blood.

England is sick of it.

Portugal is sick of it.