Saturday, October 8, 2011

#McCann #Superinjunctions on the dead...

Something worth thinking about ...I am not suggesting this is Madeleine, only the possibilty that this may have been carried out and a death certificate placed under 'National Security' which Jon Clements has clarified when trying to obtain FOI's. The fact that in England you can take out a superinjunction have a private funeral and NO ONE can be informed that person is dead. Gordon Brown was very 'helpful' the dates the McCanns returned to England for an 'alleged' christening.

AND the McCanns were content with the fact Robert Murat was the ONLY suspect (patsy).....appalling people when you look back and think of the lies they have told and continue to tell!

The Daily Star Sunday has compiled an A to Z list of 50 super-injunctions which it claims is the most comprehensive ever published.

The paper claims there is a super-injunction protecting someone who is dead. It says the order was taken out in 2008 by an elderly man and remains in place despite his death.


According to the Daily Star Sunday, there are 12 true super-injunctions, about which no details can be reported.

The rest, although sometimes dubbed super-injunctions, are anonymous injunctions. Nine footballers, nine actors, four pop stars, six wealthy businessmen and women, a senior civil servant and an MP have won the restrictions to stop their secrets reaching you.