Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rothley, maybe this IS the place.... and now even more curious about the wording, murder!!!! the only person who has mentioned murder is Kate McCann , ' Portugal don't want a murder in their country' said she.....Portuguese police (I include GA) have always said an accidental death !

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I am amused by how the blogger, who may well live in Rothley, slides around the Gaspar statement without touching on the Payne allegations. The 'ghouls' I imagine are those who doubt the McCanns fairy tale and question why' moving cots' to create abduction scenerios hours before was needed!

The first reference (at least in the files that we see) is in feedback to PJ inspector Ricardo Paiva by Leicestershire police officer Mike Marshall in an email he sent on 24th October, some six weeks after the interim report was produced. That same email exercises the minds of ghouls for a different reason – Marshall responded to a request of Pavaia’s that he send a copy of a statement made by the Gaspar couple about two weeks after Madeleine’s abduction. The ghouls insist this ‘proves’ Leicestershire Police delayed in passing on important information to the Portuguese police. It doesn’t. Paiva clearly knew about the statements because he requested them. We just have to guess what he knew, when and how. Perhaps the answer to how Almeida knew about David’s version of this brief encounter with Kate would give the answer, also, to the apparent anomaly of the forwarding of the Gaspar statements.