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Why this girl and not other children?

Re: Madeleine McCann book ban overturned by Portuguese court

Postby HannibaltheHerbivore on Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:34 pm

Tamara wrote:if your child went missing, I would imagine you would die or kill yourself and not have as much time as they appear to to be on tv and what not.

There's a photo of the McCanns on the back of the booklet which was done by the same people who did the leaflet with the 10 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted - the booklet had 60 reasons. The photo was allegedly taken just days after Madeleine McCann was supposedly abducted, and the parents are both laughing.

Tamara wrote:I swear when I heard they left them alone I lost all sympathy for them. Fucking incompetent fools. But they are doctors and their kid has blonde hair and blue eyes, so 'oh no poor, poor them' It's fucked up but it is true. It really pisses me off actually.

And don't forget that there was an unprecedented mainstream media campaign fronted by every fame-hungry celebrity and his dog to find her. Why?

Why this girl and not other children?

I believe it's because the government knows full well that she's already dead, which means that the parents can be blackmailed for the rest of their lives.

 They have already been used to promote the microchip implants, and they also spoke at the European Parliament to push for an international alert system.

 This sounds like a good idea that is purely for the function of finding missing children, quickly. But as J.P Morgan (and others) said "for every action there is a good reason. And then there is the real reason."

Tamara wrote:And dont even get me started on the chipping of the kids

The microchip agenda is extremely important. This article predicts how it will come about, which Kevin Haggerty of the Toronto Star was somehow able to lay out.
A generation is all they need -

It even contains this mind-boggling couple of paragraphs:

At this juncture, an unfortunately common tragedy of modern life will occur:

A small child, likely a photogenic toddler, will be murdered or horrifically abused.

It will happen in one of the media capitals of the Western world, thereby ensuring non-stop breathless coverage.

Chip manufactures will recognize this as the opportunity they have been anticipating for years.

With their technology now largely bug-free, familiar to most citizens and comparatively inexpensive, manufacturers will partner with the police to launch a high-profile campaign encouraging parents to implant their children "to ensure your own peace of mind."

Special deals will be offered. Implants will be free, providing the family registers for monitoring services. Loving but unnerved parents will be reassured by the ability to integrate tagging with other functions on their PDA so they can see their child any time from any place.

Alan Watt did a blurb about this article at the time:
Dec 13, 2006 "A Chip Off the Ashlar or the Old Masonic Block" - mp3 - transcript