Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How the #McCanns and their TROLLS continue and succeed in silencing anyone who doesn't share their views.


For instance, the now infamous Specialist Victim Recovery Dogs, Eddie and Keela DID signal that they had found Cadaverine and other materials in the McCann’s apartment, on some of their personal possessions and in a vehicle. 

Furthermore, the materials and samples SOURCED by these dogs WAS submitted to the Birmingham FSS Forensic Science laboratories where they do appear to have initially intimated a match to Madeleine McCann’s’ DNA.

Given that these dogs have successfully made contributions to HUNDREDS of serious crimes across many of the Constabularies in the UK, it would be somewhat churlish to suggest that they had spectacularly and, (more importantly), UNPRECEDENTEDLY got it wrong on this occasion, surely?

And of course, ultimately Kate and Gerry WERE made Arguidos by the Portuguese Police, suspected of being involved in the disappearance of their daughter. The initial report in September 2007 by Tavares de Almeida, then Chief Inspector, concluded, (amongst other things), that:

Madeleine McCann died in the Holiday apartment on 3rd May 2007.

A staged HOAX abduction took place.

The McCann’s were involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter.