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#McCann #Chamberlain -THERE was definitely "human involvement" in the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain,

THERE was definitely "human involvement" in the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, the detective who investigated the case has said.

Lindy Chamberlain was freed from Darwin prison after the baby's matinee jacket was found at Uluru.

Another coronial inquiry will be held next Friday, the NT News reported.
Retired policeman Denver Marchant, predicted a dingo would be found guilty of the murder in 1980, said the inquest was "pointless" unless evidence about the jacket was heard.

"Mrs Chamberlain identified the jacket that I showed to her at the Forensic Section many years ago as being worn by the baby at the time of her disappearance," he told the NT News.
"The viewing was video-and still-photo recorded.

Mr Marchant  said there was no evidence of damage or canine incisions on the jacket he examined in Mrs Chamberlain's presence.

"(There were) no rips, no tears, no precise dingo scissors teeth cuts, only some stitching that had become loose with the loops intact," he said.

"Of particular interest was the single button at the neck had the thread passing through the button hole. The button had become detached though remained adhering to the buttonhole.

"The jacket was inside out when the package was opened for the first time at Forensic Section, again in her presence. In a nutshell, the jacket was inside out with a button stuck to the button hole ...

"There was no damage consistent with a canine attack and it would appear the jacket was removed and turned inside out while buttoned up."

Mrs Chamberlain was released in 1986 after the jacket was found, partially buried. Mr Marchant said "a few rough experiments" carried out by late forensics experts Joy Kuhl and Brian Nieman showed the jacket could not be removed from a doll by pulling it over the head and turning it inside out.

But that could be done if the doll had no head.

"So what happened?" Mr Marchant asked. "Don't know. Was not there. Pure conjecture."

"But perhaps the dingo while running off with the child, stopped, undid the jacket, took it off, buttoned it up again, turned it inside out, buried it and then made off ... with the child."

He said the first coroner, the late Dinny Barret, found there had been human involvement in the disappearance of Azaria.

June 11, 1980 Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain is born, the third child of Seventh Day Adventist pastor Michael Chamberlain and his wife Lindy. Her name of Hebrew origin - means helped by God.

August 17, 1980 On the second night of a family holiday at Ayers Rock (now Uluru), Azaria then nine weeks old, and weighing 4.5kg is put to bed alongside brother Reagan, 4.

August 17, 1980 About 8pm, Azaria cries and Lindy goes to check on her. She is not in the tent.

Lindy cries out: "My God, my God, the dingo's got my baby!" Three hundred people, including Aboriginal trackers, search the area but find nothing.

August 24, 1980 Wally Goodwin finds Azarias bloodstained jumpsuit, booties, nappy and singlet near the base of the Rock.

Her matinee jacket remains missing.

August 1980 The nations focus turns to Lindy and Michael and their behaviour after Azarias death.

 Rumours include that Azaria means sacrifice in the wilderness and that Azaria was dressed in black. The world is fascinated; Australia is divided.

October 1980 Police statements are given by Lindy, Michael, their son Aidan, 6, and Regan at Mt Isa. Their 1977 Torana is searched.

February 20, 1981 Alice Springs Coroner Denis Barritt finds a dingo took Azaria but her body was disposed of by person or persons unknown.

 Forensic expert Ken Brown requests permission to do further tests on the jumpsuit.

September, 1981 The Chamberlain's My Isa home is raided. More than 300 items are seized, including clothing and scissors.

November 20, 1981 Northern Territory Supreme Court quashes the first inquest and orders a new one. Among the reasons is the discovery of large quantities of blood in the now-dismantled family car.

February 2, 1982 After new forensic evidence some of it related to bloodstains - is presented at a second inquest, Coroner Gerry Galvin commits Lindy to stand trial charged with murdering Azaria.

Michael Chamberlain is charged as an accessory after the fact.

September 13, 1982 The murder trial begins in Darwin amid intense public interest. Dingo jokes abound as the nation speculates about Lindys guilt or innocence. By now, Lindy is pregnant with her fourth child.

September 1982 Sensational evidence is presented. A dingo was heard growling near the tent.

Biologist Joy Kuhl says the blood in the Torana is from an infant.

 An expert says it would be impossible for a babys head to fit inside a dingos mouth. The defence then shows a photo of a dolls head in dingos jaw.

October 29, 1982 Lindy is found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michael receives an 18-month suspended sentence.

November 17, 1982 The Chamberlains second daughter Kahlia is born in custody. Two days after giving birth, Lindy is released on bail pending an appeal.

April 29, 1983 The Federal Court unanimously rejects an appeal. Lindy is held at Mulawa Women's Prison, then transferred to Darwin after an application for bail pending a High Court appeal fails. Kahlia goes to live with foster parents Wayne and Jenny Miller.

July 19 & 27, 1983 Solicitor Stuart Tipple applies for Lindy's temporary release after Reagan is blinded in one eye when a bottle thrown into a fire in the familys backyard explodes.

The request is denied.

February 22, 1984 The High Court appeal fails in a split judgement of 2 to 3.

May 3, 1984 A petition of 131,000 signatures calling for Lindy's release and a judicial inquiry is presented to Governor General Sir Ninian Stevens. Meanwhile, new reports suggest the blood in the car was paint emulsion.

November 17, 1984 An application for release is made after Kahlia's foster parents are transferred. The application denied. Kahlia goes to new foster parents, Dr Owen and Jan Hughes.

November 1985 Evil Angels by Melbourne barrister John Bryson is published. It suggests the Chamberlains might have been wrongfully convicted.

February 3, 1986 Chamberlain solicitor Stuart Tipple is tipped off that the missing matinee jacket of Azaria has been found during a search for missing body parts belonging to a fallen climber at Ayers Rock.

The jacket has been held at the Alice Springs Court House since January 31.

February 7, 1986 Local reporter Frank Alcorta is incensed when he discovers the matinee jacket has been held in secret for days. He threatens to publish an article if Northern Territory Government does not release Lindy from jail or call a royal commission. It complies.

June 2, 1987 After a 14-month Royal Commission, Justice Trevor Morling clears the Chamberlains. He slams the evidence offered by Joy Kuhl and other key prosecution witnesses. The Northern Territory government offers the Chamberlains a pardon.
November 4, 1988 The film Evil Angels (A Cry in the Dark), starring Meryl Streep as Lindy Chamberlain, is released. It polarises the nation.

September 15, 1988 The Supreme Court of Darwin quashes all convictions and declares the Chamberlains innocent.

June 27, 1991 The Chamberlain's divorce becomes final. Kahlia chooses to live with Michael and visit Lindy, Reagan stays with Lindy and visits Michael. Aidan divides his time between the two homes.

February 1992 Lindy meets Rick Creighton during a speaking tour of the USA.

May 25, 1992 Compensation of $1.3m is paid to the Chamberlains by the Northern Territory government.

December 20, 1992 Rick and Lindy are married. They live in Washington State, USA. Four months later, Lindy gets custody of Kahlia and Reagan. Two year later, Michael meets and marries Ingrid Bergner. Their daughter Zahra is born in June 1996.

December 13, 1995 The findings of the third inquest are announced. NT Coroner John Lowndes reiterates that neither Lindy nor Michael were involved in Azarias disappearance. He leaves the cause of Azaria's death open.

August 1998 Lindy and Rick return with Reagan and Kahlia to live in Australia.

October 2002 The opera Lindy premieres at the Sydney Opera House.

August 6, 2004 Melbourne pensioner Frank Cole takes a lie detector test after asserting he shot the dingo that killed Azaria in August 1980, then showed the baby's body to his companions. He passes the test, but Lindy expresses doubts.

October 2004 Lindy releases her autobiography Through My Eyes.

November 2004 The television mini series Through My Eyes is broadcast on Australia's Channel 7 network. Miranda Otto plays Lindy.

August 9, 2010 Jury notes from in the Northern Territory police files reveal details of deliberations:

Three women all voted for Lindy's conviction while at least four of the nine men had to persuaded that she was guilty. The foreman dismissed the defence evidence as purely smokescreen.

December 18, 2011 A fourth inquest into Azarias death is announced, due to commence on February 24, 2012.