Monday, February 13, 2012

#McCann : Tapas Cook Breaks Her Silence On The McCanns

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All the Tapas employees were sacked from the Ocean Club.

The former cook from the Tapas Bar gives her story about what happened on that night. The McCanns never left the apartment after the alarm was raised, all the police, locals, and employees from the Tapas bar and Ocean Club never saw the Parents searching for their own daughter.

More than 200 employees were interviewed by the PJ. Voice over Introduction: She doesn't 'show' her face but a year later and without working in the Ocean Club, Manuela decided that she wasn't obliged to the silence anymore.

The cook [chef] who prepared a 'Robalo' [Snook fish/ Sargeant fish] with cuscus [signature dish of the Arab world] and the pepper steak meal the McCanns had to dinner in the night Maddie disappeared was in the griller area 3 meters away from the table of the couple.

[Shot of interior of the Ocean Club, focus on the Tapas Bar]

Manuela, the cook: They had already eaten the main course, [Cut to blurry image of a woman's face, with a strong southern accent from Algarve], because it was already around
9:30pm when she gave the alarm.
Voice over: This former employee from the Tapas tells that immediately various colleagues left their work posts to help the searches.

Meanwhile, in the hours that followed, during most of the time the McCanns stayed inside the apartment.
Manuela: My colleagues were indignated [angered/offended], because they went... One of them even had his feet all red, tired... and he was offended because he went to search though he wasn't anything related to the girl, and the parents didn't. [Cut to apartment] They stayed indoors, in the apartment.
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