Saturday, February 11, 2012

#McCann Child Neglect In Portugal - SEARCH Funded By Tax Payers In England !!!!!!!


That last one is a valid point actually. During their campaign to keep their daughter’s name in the public domain, the McCanns somehow never accepted that they were responsible for the disappearance of their little girl, especially as the holiday home where they were staying offered the services of nannies. They declined to use a nanny on that fateful evening and, technically speaking, carry most of the blame for the tragedy that had unravelled. And there was no need for them to get all emotional about the Portuguese police making them the prime suspects in the investigation, as the local coppers had every right to feel suspicious about them.

The McCanns should be actually grateful that no charges were brought against them for child neglect in Portugal and not complain that they were somehow mistreated by the authorities.

Just like they shouldn’t really be offended by people expressing all sorts of strong views about their behaviour after the disappearance of their daughter. Let’s face it, they are not the only parents whose kids have disappeared. But they are probably one of the very few who have surrounded themselves with PR advisors, use a personal spokesman and generally behave like celebrities, with the rest of the world forced to share their grief and, more importantly, finance their efforts to find out what happened to their daughter.

It does feel creepy to watch the McCanns turn their disappearance of their Madeleine into some sort of endless charity campaign. It’s just not normal. It goes well beyond the concept of grief stricken parents searching for their child.... read more