Saturday, February 25, 2012

#McCann Case : Cadaver Dogs Used In The Murder Trial Of Suzanne Pilley.

Discussion at Jill Havern's  forum with lots of links to read up on the background of the case.

Cadaver dog's 'indicated ' in the McCann case. 

In the apartment behind the sofa , the parents wardrobe where it is thought the cadaver of Maddie was hidden by the parents. The mother's clothing, a small T- shirt belonging to Maddie, the trunk of the car hired 25 days after Maddie disappeared , the key fob , a piece of material found in another apartment they had later moved to And last but not least Madeleines soft toy Cuddle cat. Maddies body has never been found and her parents deny any wrong doing.

The same cadaver dog and handler used in the McCann case also used in the murder of Attracta Harron.