Thursday, February 9, 2012

#McCann :#CostaConcordia - Clarence Mitchell Dirty Tricks Campaign - Dancer Asks For DNA Proof.

Clarence Mitchell really is the most disgusting excuse for a human being. The moment Francesco Schettino stepped forward to defend her husband Captain Schettino of the stricken vessel Costa Concordia, Mitchell decided it was time to end her marriage.

However, 25 year old dancer Domnica Cemortan ,  victim of the odious Mitchell and his PR stunt understands the filth, lies and spin hired by Carnival Cruise boss Micky Arison , himself just as vulgar and self centred. Cemortan now asking for DNA proof that the Bikini ( which knowing Mitchell is a figment of his warped imagination) found does in fact belong to her.

Another time , another place,  this appalling disgrace tried to frame another man for abducting a three year old child.