Sunday, February 26, 2012

#McCann : EXCLUSIVE - Interview With Dr. Gonçalo Amaral On His NEW Defence Strategy !

Gonçalo Amaral told TVmais that he has hired the police ' Super Lawyer'  Santos de Oliveira to handle his case. Gonçalo, newly divorced also said there is going to be news in the up and coming days.  Amaral can now sell the books that were banned, but they have not been returned to him ! read more.....

Note : If the McCanns have instructed their lawyer to destroy Dr.Amaral's books and she has been foolish enough to have carried out their wishes , this will go in his favour , it shows ALL three have no respect for the law which is another feather in the cap of Gonçalo Amaral ,who has done everything by the book, no pun intended. Justice , we will witness very soon is always best served cold.