Monday, February 20, 2012

#McCann : Matthew Oldfield's Broken Shutter ?

So the McCanns had a broken shutter also the Oldfields ? (Or is Oldfield talking about the same apartment and the same shutter ?)...what if they switched apartments for convenience, this would explain why no DNA was found in Apartment 5A belonging to Madeleine ONLY cadaver. No that does'nt work because of the cleaner , great pity she was not questioned indepth, IF the McCanns had not fled the country she would have been I am sure.

However it does go half way to explain this..plain clothes policemen were in Apartment 5A for FIVE hours and discovered other children had been present.

Followed by Kate McCanns begging letter to Paulo Rebelo

Snip from Oldfields statement

Erm, somebody had workmen in maybe during, the shutter we broke, the shutter, erm, broke for, the outside shutter by the patio door broke for us on the first day, I think it went back up into its, so you couldn't actually drop it on the outside, the shutter by the patio, but we didn't drop that anyway, erm, until we got in at night, but I think it broke and it had to be, and I think they did come, yes, they did come and repair it. But apart from that there wasn't really anybody else (inaudible)".