Thursday, February 2, 2012

#McCann : Who Did They Base Their Faked Abduction Upon ? Did They View Themselves As The Ramseys Of Rothley?

Lisa Irwin, many believe was based on the McCanns faked abduction. Shelby Dasher based her faked abduction on Lisa Irwin. Time waster's who kill their children dispose of their bodies then claim they were last seen sleeping in their crib's.The McCanns and the Irwins have not been charged, their childrens remains still have not been found. In both cases the police are searching for dead children.

Shelby Dasher is due in court today after several months of no new updates in this sad and gruesome case. The Missouri mother was reportedly inspired by the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin when she reported her child missing. However, baby Tyler Dasher was already dead and discarded, allegedly by her own hands. What will happen in court today?

Shelby Dasher will begin a preliminary hearing this morning in Missouri at around 10:00 a.m. The young mother confessed to beating her son to death and purposely misleading investigators in what was a very brief investigation. One-year-old Tyler Dasher was beaten to death with Shelby's bare hands because he wouldn't shut up and go to sleep.
After Shelby beat her own baby to death, she carried him to a nearby cemetery and discarded his body in the brush. Later that morning, presumably after she got her much-needed sleep, she reported the child missing and gave the same exact details as given by Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin when baby Lisa Irwin vanished.

Hopefully they throw the book at her.

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