Thursday, February 16, 2012

#McCann : Clarence Mitchell I Would Imagine Was On A Retainer With the Sun - Who Else In Their Right Mind Would Have Spun So Much B.S. In Four Years Without A Good Payout ?

The SUN was the McCann's snake head ,where ALL fabricated stories were born and followed up by the dimwits in the name of journalism , The Daily Maily , Express, etc....but the snakes head looks like it may be in for the chop. I have no doubt though by looking at the latest appalling storylines spilling from the Mail they will be quite happy to carry on McCann folklore spoonfed them by Clarence Mitchell when he has time off from framing Captain Schettino.

Here are just 10 names from the web of power with whom Clarence Mitchell had direct and close associations: (Research by Tony Bennett)

1. Clarence Mitchell worked as Director of the Media Monitoring Unit, reporting direct to the Cabinet Office, under Tony Blair’s premiership

2. Clarence Mitchell was chosen by David Cameron to work as his Deputy Director of Communications during the 2009 General Election campaign

3. Clarence Mitchell worked for 3 months under Andy Coulson when he was Director of Communications for Prime Minister David Cameron in the spring of 2009

4. Clarence Mitchell, once he ceased to work for the McCanns full-time, went to work for Matthew Freud, boss of Freud Communications

5. Clarence Mitchell ‘spoke almost on a daily basis with Ian Edmondson’*, Former News of the World Assistant Editor

6. Clarence Mitchell was employed by the Foreign Office during Gordon Brown’s premiership to assist the McCanns in Portugal (after September Mitchell left the Foreign Office and the Civil Service to work full-time for the McCanns)

7. Clarence Mitchell worked closely with Rebekah Wade, former Editor of the News of the World and CEO of News International on news stories connected with Madeleine McCann

8. Clarence Mitchell worked closely with Colin Myler, Editor of the News of the World, on stories connected with Madeleine McCann

9.Clarence Mitchell liaised with former Met Police Chief Sir Paul Stephenson who set up the current Scotland Yard Review Team into Madeleine’ McCann’s disappearance

10. Clarence Mitchell worked with Stuart Kuttner, News of the World, on stories connected with Madeleine McCann

POLICE PROBE : For Those Who Were On Retainers With The Sun