Friday, April 1, 2011

Plugging the 'book of deceit ' while at the same time reminding those not to harp on about the night the McCanns claim their child was abducted, yes thats right lets move on and forget the lies told to family and friends about smashed shutters...Stuck in the summer of 2007?...I am stuck in the month of May and the disappearance of a small child. Quote: 'Have the people in the Portuguese investigation been identified and punished?'.... what kind of question is that and from what kind of deluded mind ?Since when are investigating officers punished for suspecting parents who have refused to answer questions and told blatant lies? It is becoming pretty clear who is on the other end of this blog...By the by while they are defending Murat let us remember Kate Healy and her words about Robert and how it was she who tried to set him up with her spiteful lies..The greatest mystery of all as to why the Express buckled when the McCanns were still arguidos..I am pleased said blogger did not mention a court case and only 'newspaper damages' because that would have been a lie and I am sure the blogger would not wish to be caught out in such a' situation'.

When I read around the various internet forums, blogs and Twitter, it is startlingly obvious that certain people are stuck in the summer and autumn of 2007.

They relish repeating the newspapers and forum lies from back then. Much of this gained by unscrupulous people in Portugal, leaking untruths and innuendoes, which in turn led to lurid headlines and lies, which were then picked up by tabloid newspapers here in the UK.

It begs the question – Have the people in the Portuguese investigation responsible for this been identified and punished? Hmm, no I don’t think so.

It must have been horrifying not only for Kate and Gerry McCann, but also their families, friends and colleagues; this on top of their heartache, regret and distress over Madeleine. To read such awful stories, distorted facts and outright lies!

Some people seem totally oblivious to the subsequent corrections and newspaper damages paid to the McCanns, their friends and Robert Murat & Co.

And most of all, their inability or downright viciousness in ignoring the forensics experts’ final report and the Portuguese General-Attorney’s ruling on Madeleine’s case.

It might improve their karma if they actually changed, faced facts and started to help Kate and Gerry McCann in their continued fight to find their daughter Madeleine.