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Alethea, was an abused child, she has written a book and has her own blog 'Evil Sits at the Dinner Table'.. .. Kate McCann is she sick of mind, is Mitchell, when they both speak of Jaycee Dugard and Madeleine in the same breath ? Kate Healy , smirking so she may continue her life of fraud and deceit, joyous when she heard the news Jaycee had been found because this meant she and her evil husband may continue their perverse game. I have left the link for you to read Alethea 's story. Madeleine was three years old, Jaycee, eleven. No mother would be able to rest after reading what Jaycee and Alethea have been through...only a mother who knows where her child is could laugh the way Kate McCann laughs. Only a mother who knows her child is dead and out of harms way would be able to sleep at night.
Aletheas story of abuse...

Nancy Garrido: Child Abductor, Lover and Helper of Child Rapist, and Maybe Even Child Sexual Abuser

In 1991, at age eleven, Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. After being raped for years, and bearing two of her rapist’s children, Jaycee and her daughters were rescued in 2009.
Phillip and Nancy Garrido, appeared in court last Thursday to hear their attorneys discuss plea deals.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors have confirmed that there could be a plea deal for Nancy Garrido, who met her husband, while serving time for an extremely violent and sadistic rape, committed in 1976.

Nancy Garrido not only helped kidnap Jaycee Lee Dugard, she allowed her husband to rape the child for years, and she kept Jaycee against her will in the backyard of the Garrido home for nearly two decades.
In 1993, while Jaycee Lee Dugard was being held captive, Phillip Garrido violated his parole conditions from a previous rape conviction, and was sent back to prison from April to August of that year.  Nancy Garrido didn’t turn her husband in, or let Jaycee go during that time. She was no victim! When Phillip Garrido was released, he returned home and impregnated Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Steven Tapson, defense attorney for Nancy Garrido, says Nancy Garrido was “an unwilling participant in the 1991 kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard. He has said that after the kidnapping Nancy was “like a mother” to Dugard.”

Steven Tapson, you are an ignorant, evil-supporting human being. Picture being taken against your will, locked up for almost two decades, and raped for years, while you watch one of the people who helped kidnap you do nothing to help you. Let’s see if you would call that person a victim and a “mother figure.”

District Attorney Vern Pierson said he is aware of “many disgusting facts concerning Nancy Garrido’s personal involvement in this case.”
He also presented a new revelation: “How can Nancy Garrido or her attorney attempt to claim that she was an unwilling participant when in 1993 Nancy Garrido was in the back of a van luring and videotaping a 5-year-old child to bend over in front of the camera?”
Neither the identity of the child, nor the location of the alleged videotaping, were revealed.
A plea agreement would keep Jaycee and her two daughters, both fathered by rapist, Phillip Garrido, from having to testify. But is this justice?
“Given the enormity of what these two did, it’s very tough to go have a trial.” ~D.A. Pierson
I think it would be empowering, and cathartic, for Jaycee to testify. Although the girls are both old enough to face the Garridos, they might have a hard time facing their father if he never did anything to harm them. I find it difficult to believe that he never hurt the girls, or that Nancy Garrido also did nothing to them. Who was the five year-old involved in the child pornography? We don’t know, but both the Garridos are capable of the sexual abuse of very young children.

Jaycee is a grown woman; she should consider testifying as part of her healing. If the Garridos ever abused Jaycee’s girls, they also could benefit from facing the Garridos and expressing their anguish. It’s very painful to go through it, but afterwards, the person often feels tremendous liberation, and it empowers other victims to do the same.

Many survivors, including myself, have visualized a trial in a cathartic re-enactment of what we would like to have had taken place. I know one survivor, who had a mock trial in a courtroom-looking old mansion. She had friends and relatives play the role of prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, jury, and perpetrator. She got up on a simulated stand and told her story, then watched the mock jury convict her perpetrator (played by a friend). After the mock trial, this survivor said that many of her physical symptoms connected to being raped and abused, disappeared. She also felt much better mentally and emotionally.

Many survivors want the opportunity to stand before their tormentors and rapists in order to literally point out who abused them, and to tell their abusers how the violations have affected their life. In addition, in this case, Phillip and Nancy Garrido will be convicted, so there is no chance that the victims will not be vindicated.
“In some ways to me she is the real monster,” Cheyvonne Molino, an aquentance of the Garridos, told the British paper. “She is a woman and should never have let this happen.”
In many ways, Nancy Garrido is even more guilty than her husband. She is more perverted. We know why men abduct and rape women and children. It is partially connected to their sex drive. But when a woman abducts a child for her husband, and keeps the child in a torture chamber of rape and humiliation, and when she ignores the child’s screams –all for her own self-comfort, convenience, to watch someone suffer, or to please her man, then she is a worse monster than he is.

Phillip and Nancy Garrido have both earned life in prison. Nancy Garrido may not have physically raped Jaycee, but she kidnapped her, held her captive, helped Jaycee’s rapist to torture her, and for all we know, she sexually abused children, maybe even Jaycee’s girls.
The next hearing is scheduled for April 7, 2011. I hope that some of my readers will join me in writing to the District Attorney in this case to tell him that Nancy Garrido deserves life in prison and no plea deal. What these two people did was a serious and monstrous crime. Jaycee’s daughters will forever live with the knowledge their own father is the rapist, child abductor, and child torturer of their mother.

Nancy Garrido met her husband while he was in prison for rape. She was already sadistic before she ever saw Jaycee Lee. If Nancy Garrido is excused in any way because she is a woman and not the one who physically raped Jaycee, then this sends a message to women who stand by their men while they rape children: “You’re okay, you are a victim too. You don’t need to feel guilty or take responsibility for doing nothing to help your child.”

Remember the District Attorney’s words about Nancy Garrido: He is aware of  “many disgusting facts concerning Nancy Garrido’s personal involvement in this case.”

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