Saturday, November 5, 2011

#McCann : #NOTW - Code Madeleine

Murdoch could not do enough to help...the price of silence perhaps and the fact they had been hacked ?

The 'alibi' was of course a 'lie of neglect' ..just like the abduction there is no proof of neglect and confirmed by one of the tapas in her rogatory statement Fiona Payne...' So there were night when, yeah, there was only eight of us at the table '.

However, four years later the 'fabricated neglect' still believed by the majority leaving a 'small window of opportunity' as mother earth has informed us so many times. Positively orgasmic is'nt she ? Deborah Bradley had the same glow as she proudly spoke on National TV, she was drunk and blacked out, it was her 'adult time' . Both mothers fabricated neglect because the truth would place them BOTH behind bars.