Friday, March 30, 2012

#McCann : #DevinDavis - Alleged Abduction - Cadaver Dog's Don't Hit If The Child Is Still Alive

Devin Davis has been missing for four days from his home in Texas and the Liberty County Sheriff deputies are continuing their search for him today, but have lost any optimism that he will be found alive, reports KUHF News.

In the beginning, Devin's mother April Davis, said she laid Devin down for a nap with her 1-year-old daughter.  She was exhausted and fell asleep, too.  When she awoke Devin was gone.  

The case was reported as a simple case of a child wandering away from their home, but today more information is coming out that seems to point to a different possibility, that there may be foul play involved.

April Davis said that she bolted the front door when she laid down with the kids.  When she woke up about 25 minutes later the door was unlatched, wide open and Devin, who incidentally was barefoot, was gone.  She also said that the doors to her Jeep which had been closed were ajar.  Everyone knows there is no way that a 2-year old child would have the strength to open a car door.  

She also said that the upstairs window where the children were sleeping had been left open and Texas Rangers had investigated the window and found drops of material on the ground and collected it.  

When Liberty County Sheriff's spokesman Rex Evans was asked what they found, he said, "We're not letting that out," he told Chron News.

Devin's parents up to today were not talking to the media, which we have seen before in the more notable cases of missing children, primarily because law enforcement asks them not, too. 

It doesn't make them guilty, but every parent you talk to says, regardless of what the police say, they would be shouting out to everyone for help to find their missing child.  

On Friday, April came forward and asked the public for help finding her son.

"I'm April. I'm Devin's mom. If you know anything, if you've seen anything, please just call somebody. Bring him home with me. He needs to be home with his family. Somebody has to know something, somewhere. Please, help me find my son," April Davis said to reporters

Up to this point, this case has been reported as one of a child wandering off. 

But, with the new information about the open window, the open car door, and collected evidence, we are seeing similarities to other cases of abducted children or foul play of a child, that have monopolized the media. 

Even Devin's mother, believes that someone knows something.

Plus, four dozen cadaver dogs that have searched have not alerted, which they would not have, if Devin was still alive.  

If there is evidence pointing to the fact Devin is alive, the public needs to know, so we can help keep an eye out for this little boy.  

With the Liberty County Police Dept. stating that the possibility of finding Devin alive "is pretty slim," it sounds as though they have made a determination,  given up, and decided that there is no foul play involved.

Maybe Devin is not out in the woods, maybe he is not even in Cleveland at all, but a victim of child abduction, and if so, the nation needs to know, and the police need to change their attitude.

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