Monday, March 19, 2012

#McCann: Reconstruction Of A Faked Abduction In Spain.

The fabricated abduction of two small  children, José and Ruth Breton by their father is of interest to Gonçalo Amaral for obvious reasons , he has mentioned  the case in  two seperate interviews .

Police repeatedly reconstruct alleged disappearance of Córdoba children
ThinkSpain , Thursday, March 15, 2012
For over an hour and a half this morning, police and legal experts reconstructed the arrival of José Bretón, the father of the two young children who disappeared in October, at the park in Córdoba where he alleges they were taken from him.
The reconstruction was repeated over and over again, with a police officer playing the part of Bretón and two children of similar ages and complexions as his missing children playing their part.  Officers timed his arrival at the entrance to the park, paying specific attention to the time taken to park and get the children out of the car, to compare the results with the various different versions of the events that day that Bretón (pictured) has given police.

Dozens of officers were involved in monitoring the reconstruction, which was repeated 15 times in all, with particular note being taken of Bretón's claim that he couldn't open one of the car doors because of the close proximity of a road sign on the pavement, one of the reasons he has given for taking longer to park than might have been deemed necessary.

Today's extended reconstruction of events comes just 24 hours after the courts once again denied José Bretón bail and refused to lift the secrecy order on the case.  Bretón is being held in custody accused of illegal detention of minors and of simulating a crime.