Thursday, March 22, 2012

#McCanns At #Chaplins ...

I have searched for this footage for almost five years as has Mercedes, it is the tail end of a Spanish program goodness knows how HiDeHo found it as even the TV station had no luck  and we thought it was lost forever. A team of journalists went down to PDL with hidden cameras to do their own investigation just after the McCanns were made arguidos. The hairdresser in conversation with the reporter is talking about Mrs. Fenn and the evening she heard a child crying, Tuesday and that the parents were in Chaplins, it is the first time anyone knew about a restaurant called Chaplins.

The hairdresser is English and granted the sound is bad, she is also unaware that she is being filmed , the reporter  repeats his question and asks her again were the McCanns not in the tapas ?  she replies ' No not on the Tuesday'