Saturday, March 17, 2012

#McCann: Vanishing Revisited -

by Hernâni Carvalho

No one has reopened the process because there aren't new data regarding the child's whereabouts. Underway there is a re-evaluation of the process led by Scotland Yard, that has the cooperation of a unit from the Regional Section for Criminal Investigation and Prevention of the PJ of Oporto. It was recently divulged that 37 English police officers have been, for the past year, reading translations and reassessing Maddie's process, which was archived by the Portuguese Public Ministry in July 2008, 14 months after the girl's disappearance.

The English police, just in 2011, have already spent 2,2 million euros in investigations and re-evaluations. During that time period, they have been in Portugal on four different occasions and have established a partnership with the Judiciary Police. The latter, in its turn created a special team “with a more distanced look”, wrote
Jornal de Notícias, quoting Pedro do Carmo, deputy director of the PJ. That is, another team that had nothing to do with the first more

McCanns Suspect: Photo-fit under the magnifying glass

A new video by Paulo Sargento and Pedro Gamito shocked viewers in the Police Chronicles section of the SIC morning talk show Fátima. The photo-fit of Maddie McCann kidnapper was transformed into the face of the child’s mother, Kate...

Faces analysis techniques point to failures in the McCanns description

The work was made during a week by the forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento in partnership with the technological engineer Pedro Gamito. The team juxtaposed the three photo-fits that existed from the presumable kidnapper and work them in 20 programs of faces analysis. And dismounted the kidnapping thesis, "The kidnapping thesis is ludicrous" defends Paulo Sargento.