Saturday, March 24, 2012

#McCann : Not Hiding - Just Running

What a surprise!

On Saturday, 10 March 2012, the Bureau wrote:

“Or you can ignore Alves as a clumsy windbag who won’t have any facts to add and believe, as Amaral and for what it’s worth, the Bureau does, that the Yard and the Portuguese are together getting close to completing the work that the archiving summary was inviting them to undertake. And Kate and Gerry McCann are frozen in the headlights.”*

*The McCanns, like their lawyers, always read the Bureau. Can we expect a public appearance to prove us wrong?
And the very next week they couldn’t resist showing us, “why, we’re not frozen in the headlights at all.”  Really?

Gerry and Kate McCann were at the front of the 10k run for missing people in Regent's Park today
You can tell from Gerry’s face that “the pressure is off”

Sometimes it looks like they’ve been on the run for the last five years. Still, the finishing line is getting closer and closer, isn’t it Gerry?