Thursday, March 22, 2012

#McCann : #Cordoba - Website For Spains Faked Abduction - Ruth And Jose - Cordoba's Missing Children


Five long months have now passed since Ruth (4) and José (2) Breton disappeared whilst staying with their father in Córdoba for the weekend. Their parents separated recently, the mother lives in Huelva.

The father announced the disappearance from a park in Córdoba where he said he had been playing with his children. CCTV footage from the park was released almost immediately, showing the father in various parts of the park. But there was no sign of the children in the footage.José Breton (father) was taken into custody for covering up a disappearance, he remains in custody today and a judge has said that he will not be freed until the investigation is completed.

His lawyer has repeatedly tried to implicate the maternal family, even suggesting that the children had not travelled to Córdoba.

José Breton claims that he took the children to the paternal finca in Córdoba, where he fed them and left for the park. They fell asleep in the car on the way to the finca and according to him, remained asleep whilst he burned his ex-wife’s belongings.Police have searched the finca several times with no results.

Footage was released showing José enter the finca with his children and leaving four hours later without them.

Cadaver dogs have also been used  to search for the childrens remains.