Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#McCann: #SuzannePilley - Cadaver Dog BUSTER Will He Convince A Jury ? -There is no body and no forensics !

A JURY are considering their verdict today in the trial of the man accused of murdering missing bookkeeper Suzanne Pilley.

David Gilroy, 49, denies killing Ms Pilley in Thistle Street, Edinburgh, or elsewhere in Scotland, by unknown means on May 4 2010.

He also pleads not guilty to a charge of attempting to defeat the ends of justice between May 4 and May 6, 2010, by concealing Ms Pilley's body and transporting it to various locations in Scotland in the boot of a car.

Asking jurors to retire to consider their verdict, judge Lord Bracadale told them to take as long as required.

Earlier, the eight men and seven women of the jury were told by Gilroy's defence that it would take a "bold" step to convict him.

Jack Davidson QC said there was no "hard, convincing evidence".

Speaking during the defence's closing speech at the High Court in Edinburgh, Mr Davidson urged jurors to reach a verdict on "evidence and evidence alone".

He said there was no forensic evidence to link Gilroy or Ms Pilley to the basement or garage area of the offices where they both worked. He said there was also no forensics linking Ms Pilley to the boot of the accused's car.

He said: "There's no trail of forensic evidence leading back to the actual person Mr Gilroy. Are you willing to convict a man of murder in these circumstances?

There is no body and no forensics."

He added: "It requires an extremely bold step by a jury and an inappropriate step by a jury to take matters to the level of conviction."

He told them speculation "should play no part" and said "strands" of the prosecution's case were "weak".

Mr Davidson said: "What I say to you, ladies and gentlemen, is that these strands are at breaking point and cannot support the weight that the Crown seeks to place on them.

"Where is the hard, convincing evidence that allows you to say, hand on heart, that I have no doubt?"

Mr Davidson said it would be "unsafe" to convict his client.

On Monday, the jury heard from the prosecution that they allege Gilroy killed Ms Pilley, 38, in the basement of the building where they both worked.

Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC said that she was then placed in the boot of his car and driven to a "lonely grave" in Argyll.

Gilroy, from the Silverknowes area of Edinburgh, denies the charges and the trial continues.


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