Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#McCann: Radio interview with National Deputy Director of the Judiciary Police Pedro do Carmo

 by Joana Morais

The Judiciary Police (PJ) guarantees that there are no new evidence regarding the disappearance of Maddie McCann, to prompt the reopening of the case.

The clarification was given ​​to Antena 1 by the National Deputy Director of the PJ, Pedro do Carmo, who explained that the PJ team of investigators from Oporto was established one year ago, working in collaboration with the British police.

The goal is to re-examine the elements of Investigation that began in 2007. Diligences will only be made if and when proven that they are necessary.

Jornal de Notícias advanced this morning that the English and Portuguese police have not set aside a possible reopening of the process.

Voice Over [VO]- At the moment, this is what the Judiciary Police guarantees: there are no new elements that may lead to the reopening of Madeleine McCann's process, said to Antena 1, Pedro do Carmo, National Deputy Director of the Judiciary Police.

Pedro do Carmo [PC]- “So far, nothing new was conveyed to the National Directorate, regarding the appearance of new elements that could substantiate the reopening of the process.”

VO - The investigative team of the Judiciary Police was constituted one year ago. The goal: To re-analyse all the elements of the investigation started in 2004 [sic], the work is mainly a ‘desk’ job where new diligences will only take place if proven necessary, stated Pedro do Carmo.

PC - “We are taking a fresh look, that only distance in time allows for, and also with the physical distance of a team that is based in Oporto. A team that never had any previous contact with this investigation.”

VO - Four years later, after the case was archived, the investigation data are being re-analysed with a fine toothed comb by the British and Portuguese authorities, the idea was initiated by the Judiciary Police.

PC - “The constitution of this task team came from the National Directorate of the Judiciary Police, independently and actually preceding the creation of the Metropolitan Police team.”

VO - On this fresh look to the McCann case and to the PJ itself, questioned if mistakes or if anything remained to be done, the National Directorate declined to make further comments.

in Antena 1, March 9, 2012

This translation is provided as a background to the soon-to-be published transcript of the program broadcast by RTP Informação on March 12, 2012, called “Blind Justice”.