Saturday, March 17, 2012

#McCann #SuzannePilley: #Gilroy - No Deals For Exposing Where He Dumped Suzanne's Body

Cadaver Dog BUSTER Indicated To A Murder Having Taken Place.

suzanne pilley
The former naval engineer is being urged to end the agony of Suzanne Pilley’s family by revealing where he put her body.

But legal sources say there is no chance of him being offered a reduced sentence in returnfor co-operating.

On Thursday, Gilroy, 49, was found guilty of murdering office worker Suzanne and disposing of her corpse in a secret location. He faces life in jail when he returns to the High Court on April 18.

The punishment part of the sentence is expected to be around 20 years – and there will be no reduction in return for revealing where Suzanne’s body is.

A senior legal source said: “If hewere to offer any help, that might be something the defence raise as part of their plea in mitigation.

“But it is entirely at the discretion of the trial judge as to whether he takes it into account. There will be no deal.”

Gilroy lured former lover Suzanne, 38, to her death in the basement of their office in Edinburgh in May 2010.

He is thought to have strangled her and hidden her body under the stairs.

He later stored it in his car boot while he went to a school function and enjoyed a family meal at an Italian restaurant, and CCTV and mobile phone recordsmapped his movements as he drovewest across Scotland a day later.

Detectives believe he buried Suzanne in the forests of Argyll near the Rest and Be Thankful beauty spot.

But despite them enlisting 200volunteers and mounting six searches, her remains were never recovered.

Gilroy had a turbulent affair with Suzanne before she ended the relationship and began seeing someone else.

He continues to insist he is innocent of involvement in her disappearance.

Yesterday, police vowed to keep up the search for Suzanne’s body.

And an expert in Scots law said: “While it may not be a hugely significant factor in terms of the sentencing, there is little doubt the fact Suzanne’s body has never been found will have some influence on the judge’s decision.”