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#McCann: The Mad Woman In The Attic Speaks - Isabel Duarte - BUT She Does Not Say If She Has Or Has Not Destroyed ' The Truth Of The Lie' What We Witness With Or Without Google Translation Are The Ramblings Of A Woman Who Has Lost Her Mind.

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Madeleine McCann Case: Right of Reply

Or Crime - Print version

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March 15, 2012

Psychology of Justice

Reviewed by Paulo Sargento

Professor Universitário

Response to the Right of Reply of Dr. Isabel Duarte, a lawyer for the McCanns.

Dr. Isabel Duarte, legal representative of Mr. Drs Kate Healy and Gerald McCann, exercised her right of reply to an article I published in this newspaper, in the edition of February 16.

However, this was only possible because we still live in a society where freedom of expression and responsibility inherent in it are a clear practice.

For issues of ethical nature, I restricted my response to Dr. Isabel Duarte signed the fortnightly column in the Journal.

In the first place, I reiterate the content constant in the text published here on 16/02/2012, not withdrawing a single comma, so that there is no doubt about what I think about the "case" Maddie.Second, the marked register adjetivización the text produced by Dr. Isabel Duarte.
Appreciating or not your writing style, I believe that the excess adjectives that populate the prose presented to us is nothing more than an ornament of style and taste questionable art.
Otherwise, some of the words risk from being a personal affront which are not sin, would work against the dignity of a Portuguese "good man" and can, therefore, the author incur the commission of a crime. This sure that the appropriate time and place will bring light to my question.

Third, the account that pejoratively, Dr. Isabel Duarte mentioned in the text, and of which I am one of the owners, is intended ONLY, repeat ONLY to pay court costs, related to processes involving the former inspector Gonçalo Amaral Dr.
The money comes from donations from citizens in solidarity with the ex-inspector.
The story can only be used through a bank transfer, signed by two members (a British citizen and myself), and addressed to the accounts of the legal representatives of Dr Gonçalo Amaral.
This is a joint account with a cause and a citizen not a Foundation.Fourth, contrary to what Dr. Isabel Duarte said I did not sack rabbits from a hat, and I do not use this ornament on the head, nor do I recognize an expert in the arts of prestidigitation.
Therefore, it should be noted that, in terms of delays and marking trials to which I referred, the facts speak for themselves, even though Grace's lawyer wants to deny, apodándome devotee of "conspiracy theory". And, of course, who attributed to other such "theories", references to "Ghostbusters", the use of the newspaper "O Crime" for the defense of betrayal, or even reference to the current ex-Inspector's attorney, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, reveal much about who deserves the award - "Devoted to the Conspiracy Theory."
However, in this regard, both the severity of the contents and by reference to a third party, say no more.

Fifth and finally, based on the claimed agnosticism, I must admit that, at least in one respect I fully agree with Dr. Isabel Duarte: the crimes and sins are paid here on earth!

With regard to an opinion of Paul Sergeant, published in the Feb. 16 edition, we received the legal representative of Gerry and Kate McCann the right of reply reproduced below.

Exercised by Isabel Duarte, Kate Healy and Gerald McCann.

The university teacher Paulo Sargento is a prophet who preaches in a desert town.
His reasons, altruistic and selfless certainly lead him to write like a god, crooked lines, using the track production of prose vague and reticent of some famous writers.
It is because defending his tribe, that of the good, because it defends a sua E tribo, two bons seems convivente and Charts.
I defend the other and at the college professor who now looks after my name but I have to thank the resilience that he and his good friends helped to improve.

Subentendidos This repository contains, however, some false facts or offensive, happened to answer:

As for the "alleged millions" that Gonçalo Amaral won at the expense of a criminal investigation useless, he directed, at the expense of life and name of an entire family, whose character assassination, he, the professor who respond and the remaining members of the group of good, deal, are not "supposed millions." They are, for someone who earns his living working, a small fortune proven documented and achieved in a period of twelve months, which remunerated the writer Gonçalo Amaral, the monthly average, repeat, monthly average of more than € 28,000.00.
That money, however, disappeared, perhaps as smoke signals that can only be read by "experts".
To this we must add a bank account, which is not secret because an altruistic English gentleman has been advertising it can, for, through them, taking money from unsuspecting, and not only because of Gonçalo Amaral former inspector has debts to the Treasury, his brother and banks, where the group sent financial contributions, they presume to compensate the legal needs of the citizen in question, supported in turn by Social Security, that is, by my taxes.
Never, until today, a good father Portuguese, Portuguese that trash media object created, promoted and encouraged by the group of good protected from freedom of expression and opinion-that know what money is, where you are going and for what it really, as a university professor and the group, organized through distractions and surgically disseminated, discussed dealing with the fund to investigate the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann, which is public and has audited accounts and controllable.

As for the delays and judgments marking the psychologist speaks of justice as if pulling rabbits from a hat, applying the theory of conspiracy of which he is devoted, a little amount of time it takes, is would say it would be surprising if two trials in which Gonçalo Amaral is involved, one criminal and one civil, one in the district of Faro and the other in the district of Lisbon, had been marked for the same day and same time.
Hence, they were postponed, and if they were, for that matter, the proponents of the conspiracy theory would say that would be surprising that the first postponement was in the process that Gonçalo Amaral is the defendant and not that it is the plaintiff.
And even frightening surprise would indicate, these adherents of the theory of conspiracy regarding the fact that, shortly before the trial of Lisbon, Mr. ex-inspector has been without a lawyer, which, expressly waived his defense.

Quanto à do livro band that feeds so many families, get distracted and Muitas mais, sobretudo justifies inqualificáveis ​​masterfully erros do processo aberto by força do desaparecimento of Madeleine McCann, nothing tenho to Dizer to não be that sendo agnostic before advogada, Crimes and sei that I tied you sins, na terra pagam capita, that same do ye sinners to sua trafulhice defendam hiring feces-using or wage ou ghosts "or Crime", cuja temporary manager or pseudo escritório do not address current Gonçalo Amaral advogado .

Regarding the sale of the book that feeds so many families, and many more distracted, especially brilliantly justified unspeakable errors of the open connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, I have nothing to say, unless, being agnostic before becoming a lawyer, I know that the crimes and even sins are paid on earth, but sinners to defend their treason Ghostbusters hiring or using the newspaper "O Crime", the manager is resident in the firm's current lawyer Gonçalo Amaral.

Signature: Isabel Duarte