Saturday, March 10, 2012

#McCann: Entrapment Of A PJ Officer - Another Dirty Tricks McCann Campaign ?

Who does Kate McCann hate the most her F*****G T****R because it was through him and her dream the cadaver dogs were brought in or Gonçalo Amaral ?

Kate wrote:'Our liaison officer Ricardo Paiva arrived. He told us about two springer spaniels brought out to Portugal by the British police to assist in the search.
Keela, who could alert her handler to the tiniest trace of blood, had done so in apartment 5A. Eddie, a dog trained to detect human remains, had indicated somebody had died there.

The police appeared to be telling us, on the say-so of a dog, that someone had definitely died in apartment 5A and it must have been Madeleine. '

“Inspector Maddie falls into trap ‘- BBC NewsFor Writing

One of the PJ inspectors who investigated the Maddie case was the victim of a trap on the Internet. The detective Ricardo Paiva spoke on Facebook with a woman who introduced herself as the American model, but the talks eventually fall into the possession of the English press. The inspector then has been blackmailed, that these conversations were not made public, and now responds in disciplinary proceedings to be concerned the violation of official duties. The fake profile on Facebook may have been created by someone connected to the cause of McCann.

Screenshot from article about Ricardo Paiva: