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#McCann : Records Of The Area's Antennas For Tapas Nine Mobile Phones

Maddie Case: PJ/Oporto has already been on the field in the Algarve

10 March 2012 | Posted by Joana Morais

McCann deleted Phone calls Records,

image from the investigation case files released by the Portuguese Public Ministry(see below the page)

by Nuno Miguel Maia and Óscar Queirós

PJ inspectors from Oporto have been to the Algarve several times over the last few months, secretly working on the Maddie case. The re-analysis of all of the case’s elements has already been through the verification of telephone data.

Everyone who has been, one way or another, connected to the Madeleine McCann case investigation, on the 3rd of May of 2007, admit that there may be lapses in the process. Nevertheless, the major difficulty is related to the time that has already passed since the disappearance, which may have dissipated potential evidence that has never been found.

Confronted with JN’s yesterday news, Kate and Gerry McCann - the parents of the little English girl, who have been made arguidos in the process – released [in a press release sent to Lusa news agency yesterday] an expression of happiness over the articulation that has been established between the Scotland Yard and the Judiciary Police (PJ), through a team from the Oporto Directory.

“We are naturally happy about this development because it is exactly what we have been asking for. We hope that this re-evaluation of the case will result in the reopening of the process within useful time”, they declared, through their communications advisors [PR's].

JN has requested some additional clarification which did not arrive within useful time. The couple’s lawyer, Rogério Alves, also insists in the cooperation between police forces.

“What the parents want, above everything else, is to discover what happened to their daughter, naturally sustaining the hope of still being able to find her alive. In order for that to happen, it is necessary that the police forces don’t stop searching, don’t stop following the leads that are available”, the lawyer explains.

It is precisely in the search for clues that the PJ from Oporto has been working, in a very discreet way, over the last few months, travelling to the Algarve. They were given the mission to go through the entire previous investigation with a fine toothed comb, but also to verify the data.

As JN was able to find out, one of the aspects that is being newly worked over is the telephone traffic of the members of the group that were spending their holiday at the Ocean Club, in Lagos, in the Algarve, in May 2007. This is being done through the records of the area’s antennas.

image from the investigation case files released by the Portuguese Public Ministry

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