Saturday, July 7, 2012

McCann: Journalist Paulo Reis Weighs In On The South African 'Body Locator's - Daniel Krugel - Remember Him ?

Looking for a South African "body locator"

Dear Mr. Boet Troskie
Chancellor of Central University of Technology, Free State
Orange, Republic of South Africa:

Mr. Daniel Krugel, a South African citizen who played a interesting role in a case that reached mediatic global proportions - the Madeleine McCann disappearance from a touristic resort in Algarve, Portugal - has been introducing himself to dozens of British, American, Spanish and Portuguese newspapers as a "former police superintendent and current Director of Health and Safety at the Central University of Technology, Free State .

I am a Portuguese freelance journalist, with 31 years of experience and I followed the Madeleine McCann case since the beginning, mainly through my blog "Madeleine McCann Disappearence". Can you please confirm if Mr. Daniel Krugel is (or has been) Director of Health and Safety at the Central University of Technology, Free State ?

References to Mr. Daniel Krugel in the international Press

Danie Krugel
Bodyfinder draws a blank

El superintendente retirado de la Policía sudafricana Daniel Krugel ha encontrado restos de ADN pertenecientes a Madeleine McCannen la playa de la localidad de Praia da Luz, según el diario británico «The Observer».

Sei onde está o corpo
Daniel Krugel, o detective sul-africano que em Julho procurou o rasto de Maddie na Praia da Luz – a convite dos pais e com autorização da polícia – diz saber onde está enterrado o corpo.

A former South African policeman, dubbed the Locator after reportedly using a secret scientific technique to find murder victims, will today ask police to dig up a section of beach in Praia da Luz where he believes Madeleine may be buried.

Daniel Krugel claims he can follow a person's DNA trail using a piece of their hair and global positioning satellites.

The sniffer dogs said to have picked up the scent of a corpse on Mrs McCann were only brought in after the couple gave the go ahead for retired South African police officer Daniel Krugel - dubbed the Locator - to conduct a search. He uses a secret scientific method to find murder victims by following their DNA trail with the help of global positioning satellites.


Looking forward to hear from you,

Paulo Reis

(July 7th 2012)