Friday, July 13, 2012

McCann: Stephen 'Coldwater' Birch ....Again.

Source : Jill Havern Forum

Good evening All

Let me first inform the readers regarding the latest developments pertaining to the case. Firstly the Portimoa Police are handling the investigation. Today I received a letter from the Portimoa Police opening a line of communication. The letter was non commital and only said to inform me that they would contact me if need be. That's totally unacceptable to me. So I wrote back immediately telling them I wanted acceptable responses to my letters, failing which I would go to the Portuguese Press and apologize on behalf of the Portimoa Police, that they had let the entire Portuguese Nation down, and had discreted the Portuguese people worldwide. I gave them 7 days to respond. We wait and see. A frustrating time for me.

Tomorrow the Portuguese papers carry a front page story about me. I expect an enormous response. I,ll discuss the contents tomorrow after it has broken and why I chose to go that route. Perhaps some Portuguese speaking people will pick up on the story.

Question and answer time:

How did I get the machine to Portugal ? Good question, well I went on a holday visa, so you can imagine me going through customs pushing a ground penetrating radar machine that looks like a lawnmower through customs, and when the official asks me whats the purpose of your visit Mr Birch ??? , I say " Holiday" seriously I first went to London on the 14th June to pay for the hire of the machine. When I got to London, the agent informed he'd, based on the South African agent standing security for me, already couried the machine, boxed, via DHL to Praia da luz, and he confirmed that it had already arrived there. All I did was pay him in cash (pounds). Painful, the rands worth nothing, 13 rand to 1 pound.

Did I search any other place. 15 months of research had revealed that only two places existed where MADELEINE could be buried. The botanical garden next to the Murat house or the Murat garden. However when I got to Praia da luz, I eliminated the botanical garden for 3 reasons, firstly townhouses look onto it, secondly the steel gate giving access to the property remained locked 24 hours a day, and thirdly the trees in the garden are thin stemmed young trees with very few leaves.

Why this forum....hmmm I heard Jill was hot and single and very rich, and given the fact that Robert Murat might take legal action against me, I thought I needed to keep my options open, hahaha.

My spelling - do I get a gold star.

Lets talk about me going into the garden, yes it's a very contraversial thing to do I agree, but it's brought the investigation back to where it's suppose to be, in Praia da luz and not in India !!! Was there any other way I could of gone about this investigation, the answer to that question I believe is no. The property had been searched and nothing found. It's hard enough to get the Portuguese Police to go back into the property with scans showing something buried beneath the driveway. How hard would it be to get them to go back into the property with no proof !! It's been 2 weeks since Expresso interviewed me at Lisbon airport and the story broke - and the Portuguese Police have done nothing.The site lies unprotected.

Why am I concerned that there is no British media coverage ? This is a British little girl that went missing, the McCanns and the British press run from India to Morrocco to Australia to look at potential sighting of the missing girl. I come along and think I have found her 130 meters from where she went missing, and every British newspaper editor, in the UK is to scared to run the story for fear of being sued by either the Mc Canns or the Murats.Where's freedom of the press.This is a British girl, or am I missing something. And why is the British press so obscessed with her being alive. Surely the possibilty of her being dead and buried under the Murat driveway, must be investigated first, before they run off to India and Tiger infested jungles. Or am I wrong. Help me here people.

Then there's the issue of Jenny Murat and me upsetting her. I'd like the opportunity to sit with Mrs Murat and have a cup of tea with her. I am not the villan here, I understand that she may get upset, but what if I am rightand we find the little girls remains under that driveway. Will you still worry about Mrs Murat being upset. This is about finding a missing little girl, and sometimes unfortunately someone is going to get upset. That is unfortunate. I thought long and hard about this before I embarked on this operation, there was just no other options.

Are the Police taking me seriously. I think yes they are, only because they being put under pressure by the Portuguese media who are rallying the Portuguese people behind me for answers....otherwise they being goverment employees, I don't think they would care. Sad but true. Why haven't they isolated the site, a good question, and a big problem for me. Totally unacceptable. If it were in the US or UK, that site would be under lock-down. The current situation is totally unacceptable.

Lastly I want you to please for one minute think about the enormous risk that I have taken in undertaking this investigation. I am not talking about the R500 000 I spend. It,s money and can be made again. I am talking about my reputation. Have you ever stopped to think about the enormous pressure that is on me.This is a worldwide story. What happens if I am wrong and she is not there - Will I be the laughing stock of the world -

Would you take that risk and step out of your comfort zone from behind that computer, in your safe office or home -would you ???

Have a great evening everyone wherever you are.

Regards Stephen D. Birch

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