Monday, July 23, 2012

McCann: When Will Journalists Stop Pussyfooting With the McCanns?

Did you know that Kate McCann is now an ambassador for a missing kids charity; Hmm I’d reckon that the editor of The Bastard might comment that Kate’s daughter Madeleine ain’t missing or that it would be more appropriate for Kate to be working for a charity concerned with murdered kids.

The other week I was listening to an interview with Kate McCann in her role as an ambassador for whatever missing kids charity it is she’s an ambassador for, it was an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live with I think Shelagh Fogarty & oh boy was it touchy feely as just about every other interview I heard with Kate McCann in the British media. When are journalists in the British media going to stop pussyfooting with Kate & Gerry McCann & ask them some hard questions?

When Kate McCann released her book she appeared on BBC2’s Newsnight & though I didn’t see the interview myself I’ve been told Kirsty Wark who was doing the interview gave Kate McCann an easy ride & was you guessed it all very touchy feely. Kirsty Wark being touchy feely! Kirsty Wark is known for being a heavyweight journalist, she isn’t usually known for being touchy feely, she’s known as Jeremy Paxman in a skirt, which actually begs the question why it wasn’t Jeremy Paxman interviewing Kate McCann? Oh now there’s an interview I’d tune into watch, Paxman vs the McCanns, he’d not pussyfoot, he’d not be scared to ask them hard questions, err maybe not because if you ain’t nice to the McCanns they threaten to sue you.

Hey Shovel have the McCanns threatened to sue us yet? Ah I shouldn’t tempt fate should I.

Funny isn’t it that when Kate McCann released her book that nobody sued her for libel, yet anytime somebody writes a book giving a different version of events to the version McCanns want people to believe they find themselves on a receiving end of a lawsuit from the McCanns.

I don’t necessarily believe the McCanns are guilty of murder, but I’d like to know why they left a three year old home alone with the front door unlocked & the bedroom window opened. At most the Mccanns might be guilty of murder but the bare least I reckon they’re guilty of neglect or child endangerment. Its pretty stupid to be leaving a three year old home alone with the front door open & the bedroom window open, because three year olds can be pretty adventurous; when I was three years old I nearly fell out of a second storey window due to not being supervised.

Its time journalists stopped pussyfooting, stop being touchy feely, grow a spine & start asking the McCanns some hard questions. It suppose to be the job of journalists to challenge those in the public eye & that includes the likes of Kate & Gerry McCann.