Saturday, July 7, 2012

McCann:South Africa Investigator - Madeleine McCann is dead, she is buried in the yard of Robert Murat.

Source Sharon - Jill Havern Forum
Here is an extract from an e-mail that I received from another SA Investigator in March 2011. I am unable to provide the entire message since it was sent in confidence, but as he also relayed this information to many others and the story is now in the media, I think that it may be OK to share this extract.

It seems that I was mistaken about him being a psychic, he was just working with one.

What is written below is an extract from an e-mail, neither I or the Madeleine Foundation are  responsible for its content and we should not assume any truth in what is written there until this is proven.

Here is what the investigator had to say:

Madeleine McCann is dead, she is buried in the yard of Robert Murat, about
3 meters off the back boundry wall.

At the time, and maybe even now, THE MURATS DO NOT KNOW SHE IS THERE.

I believe that ******* ********* could have placed her in the yard, but he was not responsible for her death. He was only doing someone a favour.

I emailled Amaral, and told him the above, adding, " I BELIEVE THAT YOU MAY ALSO FIND A MISSING TENNIS / SPORTS BAG BURIED WITH HER".