Sunday, July 15, 2012

McCann: Stephen Birch ....Again.

Has anyone seen the video COLDWATER Stephen Birch is talking about ? I assume now he has named the title we are supposed to search for it...OK I will play the game, for now.
Money weighs heavy on his mind, he has a lot in common with the McCanns.

This video ?

Hallo Everyone from a cold wet Cape Town South Africa..

This past week has been a full week with me writing to Kate & Gerry Mc Cann, you will note that I don't call them Dr Kate & Dr Gerry Mc Cann. I only call people by their titles when I have respect for them. And up and till now I have no reason to have respect for the Mc Canns. You see I spend R500 000 and 15 months of my life looking for their missing daughter Madeleine Mc Cann, and after I identified the fact that their child may be buried under the rear driveway of the Murat residence in Praia da Luz Portugal, instead of phoning me, to thank me for my efforts and enquire regarding my findings, Kate Mc Cann attacks me on a Youtube video called Stephen Birch- Kate McCann. Now if I were looking for my child, before I go to India to look for my child, I would eliminate an option 130 meters from the 5A Apartment Ocean Club apartment where my child went missing. After all, the findings were in the exact same property of the man Kate suspected 4 months after he was cleared as a suspect, not to mention that Jane Tanner accussed Robert Murat as being the abductor. Now I have consistently said , and you can refer to my youtube video "Stephen Birch" that I do not believe the Murat family had anything to do with the abduction and burying of Madeleine Mc Cann.

This coming week will see me intensify my pressure on several people associated with the case, including the Portimoa Police...

I hope to be able to report back soon with some progress.


Stephen D.Birch