Monday, July 9, 2012

McCann: Stephen Birch Now Added To The South Africa Connection.

I am sure others have also noted South African stats over the week-end on their blogs going through old information. Mr.Birch has obviously read our curiosity as to how he managed to enter and leave Jennifer Murats garden without disturbing two very large dogs. Birch in his latest interview has cleared that matter up for us, very thoughtful.

I also hope Birch has taken into account that Robert Murat's mother is an elderly lady and not in good health, the stress she will now be under from this latest scam IMO may well bear serious health issues.

I have found some SA links for you to read through.

Phil McCann contacted Martin Van Wyk who ALSO claimed Maddie was buried in Murat's garden.

Martin Van Wyk.
Maddie is dead and buried near here.

McCanns called a number in SA on or around May 4th - I have no idea where I found this but will do a search.

John McCann contacted Pieter Boshoff in South Africa - Boshoff later took his life when it was disclosed he was a paedophile.

Danie Krugel claims to have hair samples belonging to Madeleine,BUT McCann could not produce any for the police ?

Eben Black attorney for latest body finder Stephen Birch. Eben Black has strong MURDOCH connections also now working for Andy Coulson. Coulson is his client in the Tommy Sheridan case.