Thursday, July 12, 2012

McCann: Stephen Birch To Be Or Not To Be .

Hi All

Been a long day - the biggest battle that I face is getting the Portuguese Police to excavate the Murat driveway. Some reassuring news received today, is that the case does not need to be re-opened by the Portuguese Police before digging can commence. The Portuguese Police have now referred the matter to the Portimoa office. When the Portuguese Police are ready to proceed with the excavation of the Murat driveway, they will first ask the Murats consent to excavate. If the Murats refuse, a court order will be obtained to enter the property and excavate the driveway.

Of major concern to me, is the lack of coverage given by the British media. Yesterday I wrote to the Mc Canns requesting that they call a press conference calling for the excavation of the Murat driveway. No repsonse received to date !!!!

I have no problem with people doubting that I am really Stephen Birch, after all we are in cyber space. But maybe here is some information that will take that doubt out of your mind. Phone the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. Behind the block known as Fugi Palms Ocean Club is a pathway that seperates the Fugi Palm accommodation from the rear fence line of the Murats property. There are 3 garden lights that illuminate the pathway. The light on the far right of the path is not working. I screwed the bulb out the first night we got there. It created a dark patch where I lifted the 24 kg Mala ground penetrating machine over the rear fence. Now that you know that you are dealing with the real Stephen Birch, I look forward to receiving your intelligent questions. Please excuse my spelling, never could spell. Oh and tell the Ocean Club to screw that bulb back