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#McCann: Stephen Birch - Article From Correio da Manha.

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CdM - Elite da polícia inglesa aposta em nova pista

A VERY rough translation of the above article from Correio da Manha.:

Scotland Yard, the elite British police force which has 37 investigators working on aspects of the disappearance of Maddie, gathered yesterday afternoon to discuss the case, including data gathered by South African Stephen Birch in Praia da Luz, confirmed Correio da Manha.

The businessman, who did the research with ground penetrating radar in the yard of Robert Murat, believes "the body of Maddie" to be buried there in "a portion of land" that escaped the search of the PJ.

"I have photographic evidence, the comparison between 3 May 2007 [when Maddie disappeared] and the date the PJ raided the Murat house and yard [May 14] and October this year, as the PJ inspectors failed to search a portion of the terrain "a passage of cement that was built there after the disappearance of the child " says Stephen Birch, in one of the emails he sent to Scotland Yard and the PJ itself.

Birch, as CM reported yesterday, invaded the yard of Murat four times in the morning last June and a geo-radar machine has detected the presence of a human or animal "about 60 inches below the soil."

"I am fully convinced that it is Madeleine who is buried there," he says, asking the police to do a search of that particular place - and that, however, to watch the ground for anyone to making changes.

However, if the PJ decided to perform some diligence in this regard, they must request the reopening of the case, which was archived by prosecutors.

Said Birch, who extensively studied the process: "The hole was dug in the back of the house from 21:00 to 21h20 [May 3]. The child was buried from 22.05 to 22.15. At 22:20, the McCanns were seen outside the Murat property," after Kate, mother of the child, had given warning of the disappearance.

The businessman, a passionate devotee of the case for a year, not without evidence, accused Kate and Gerry, but refers to the connection that exists between Maddie's father and a British businessman, who was in Praia da Luz on holiday. For Birch, MJS [Note: I assume these are supposed to be the initials of the businessman] is a "suspicious figure" like a photofit made by the woman who says she saw a man pass with the child in his arms that night, towards the property of Murat.


In one of the emails sent to the PJ, Stephen Birch says that one of their suspects - MJS - is equal to the photofit made at the time. "Compare the photo of his passport with the picture, [if he has] a beard and mustache."

Jane, a friend of the McCanns, at the time told PJ investigators that about 21:15 on May 3, 2007, she had seen a man with a child in pajamas in his arms. It was through her description that the portrait was done.


Robert Murat, who came to declare that he saw his life ruined when he was made the "scapegoat" in the Maddie case because the police needed to show results, received 600,000 pounds (750,000 euros at the current exchange rate ) for compensation from the English press, which he had sued for libel. The payment resulted from an agreement, July 17, 2008, between Murat and four British media groups, who also apologized in the High Court in London. And on July 21, the case was filed in Portugal, which at the time said his lawyer, Francisco Pagarete, was "the end of a long nightmare of more than 14 months, for him and his family."
Since then, Murat, 38, did redevelopment in Villa Luz, married a Portuguese-British woman and was on honeymoon in the U.S.