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McCann:Rogério Alves - McCann Lawyer Stephen Birch Allegations.

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Rogerio house of Murat (Briton who lives next to the Ocean Club where Madeleine McCann disappeared).

For the former PJ inspector, this information must be taken into account by the Portuguese authorities, they should move to reopen the case, precisely with a warrant that allows to carry out excavations in the backyard of Murat. "For the avoidance of doubt, there is no better alternative than making the excavations," says former chief inspector of the Morning Post.

Stephen Birch reveals that reached these conclusions after an intense work.

Maddie's disappearance led to this business since 2007, has done several studies.

And the crux of the research focused on the land of Praia da Luz, using technology that allowed us to perceive changes capable of transmitting information.

The results leave no room for doubt: the land of the yard Murat changed in the last five years, proving that there is a hidden body.

Birch has made a contribution to the PJ, to report the discovery, but the truth is not known is that any action of the authorities to proceed to an investigation.

Robert Murat has already issued a denial, considering that this entrepreneur and research findings on the alleged whereabouts of the body are a "folly and stupidity." It is curious that in the United Kingdom, Maddie is also news, but because as a detective, there are "strong indications that she is alive."Alves, the McCanns' lawyer says that the family of Madeleine McCann expects the Judiciary Police (PJ) check if there is a body buried in the yard of Robert Murat.

This track provided by businessman Stephen Birch on Madeleine, has consistency, according to Kate and Gerry McCann who expect the measures "field" or "explanations".Maddie's parents want an intervention of the Portuguese authorities.

Kate and Gerry believe that the suspicion that Madeleine's body is buried in the backyard of Murat should trigger an intervention by the authorities.

Speaking to BBC News, Rogério Alves, a lawyer for Kate and Gerry, reveals that "the family hopes that the police take a position on this matter." The parents of Madeleine McCann want the PJ "verify the location," to ward off all the ghosts around this track.

The same newspaper reports that both PJ and Scotland Yard have received all the data on this track gives Stephen Birch.

Not yet taken any position by the Portuguese authorities.

Rogerio Alves reveals that Maddie's family does not know the South African businessman, but considers that the PJ should take one of two positions, "or check on the ground if the track is consistent, or if you do not, that explains why" .

Also a former PJ inspector yesterday defended the Madeleine process should be reopened.

Antonio Teixeira, also speaking to BBC News, bases his theory on developments in the case of Maddie, missing child in 2007, in Praia da LuzAntónio Teixeira gives particular importance to research by Stephen Birch, who says he has evidence that Maddie's body is buried at the home of Robert Murat. Birch has, throughout the year, a survey, concluding that Maddie is buried there.