Monday, July 9, 2012

McCann : Leveson Module 4 - Enter Stephen Birch To Point The Finger At Murat.

McCann this week will tell Leveson how the media should be run. McCann this week will receive so much sympathy as the original suspect once again takes centre stage. Leveson will understand their grief and be only too happy to comply with their wishes.

The last time the McCanns pulled a stunt like this they were in Brussels and the tapas 7 going through their rogatory steps had outside help to take the heat off . The McCanns accused the PJ of releasing their witness statements and the crying incident was born. Paulo Rebelo left the U.K. understanding perfectly the situation.

How McCann & Co. Framed Robert Murat The FIRST Time.


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Did someone mention finger pointing? Try McCann's shortbread fingers, ideal for pointing at other people. #McCann