Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#McCann #LisaIrwin : FACT - We do know that when a child goes missing and the mother and/or father lie, the child is likely dead, a victim of homicide at the hands of one or both of the parents.

Kate McCann in her book 'madeleine' confessed, ALL three children were drugged, according to her, on TWO separate occasions BUT not by her, by the 'abductor' who did a 'dry run' the night before, May 2nd. He must have wandered around the apartment and entered the parents room because one cot that evening for some reason was there , how confused and surprised he must have been to then find ALL three children together in the same room May 3rd during his 'second drugging' session!

Kate has it all figured out, he was a paedophile and in her book, page 129, she thinks about Maddies perfect torn genitals.