Friday, March 2, 2012

#McCann: Cadaver Dog Murder Trial Of Suzanne Pilley - No Body - No Forensic - No Comments Of ' Find The Body And Prove I Killed Her'

David Gilroy is on trial for murdering Suzanne Pilley who went missing on her way to work in Edinburgh in 2010.

A police photographer has told a court how she thought the man accused of murdering Suzanne Pilley applied make up to injuries on his hands.

Louise Harrower, 32, was assigned to take photographs of David Gilroy, 49, days after the bookkeeper went missing in Edinburgh City Centre on May 4, 2010.

On Friday, Ms Harrower told the High Court in Edinburgh officers had discovered Mr Gilroy had injuries on various body parts after interviewing him on May 6, 2010.

She was told to record images of these injuries but as she was taking the photos, she thought Gilroy was wearing make up on his hands.

The court had heard earlier from Detective Constable Colin Fordyce, 41, who told the jury that he took Gilroy into the toilet to wash a "substance" from his hands.

DC Fordyce said he didn't think Gilroy washed his hands properly.

Ms Harrower then took photographs of injuries Gilroy had said he suffered from doing gardening at his home.

The evidence came on the tenth day of the trial of Gilroy, of from Edinburgh, who is accused of murdering Ms Pilley in Thistle Street or another location in Scotland “by means unknown”.
On Friday, Ms Harrower, who works for the Scottish Police Services Authority, spoke after the jury were shown photographs of injuries on Gilroy's body. He suffered cuts, bruises and scratches to his forehead, hands, chest and fingers.

Gilroy told police that he sustained the injuries whilst gardening.

Ms Harrower told prosecution lawyer Alex Prentice QC she was the photographer who took the images on May 7, 2010 at Lothian and Borders Police HQ in Fettes, Edinburgh.

Gilroy went to Fettes police station the day after he concluded a voluntary interview with Lothian and Borders Police which saw him undergo a forensic medical examination.

Ms Harrower said she thought Gilroy was wearing make up on his hands and she told a police officer. The officer took Gilroy to the bathroom to wash his hands.

After this Ms Harrower took more photographs of Gilroy's body.

Earlier the court heard from Detective Constable Colin Fordyce, 41, who said he accompanied Gilroy to the bathroom to wash his hands.

DC Fordyce said he noticed Gilroy was wearing some sort of "substance" on his hands and asked him to wash it off for him. But when taken to the bathroom, Gilroy did not appear to be washing them properly.

He told the court: "He was hardly touching his hands when he was doing it."

The court also heard how DC Fordyce visited Gilroy at his home on Saturday May 8.
In earlier statements, he told police he sustained his injuries whilst doing gardening. But DC Fordyce said there was no evidence of any gardening work.

DC Fordyce also said Gilroy's status changed on the afternoon of May 8. He was no longer considered a witness and was regarded as a “suspect”.

Gilroy denies a total of five charges which allege he committed a series of criminal acts across Scotland between August 2009 and June 2010.

He has pleaded not guilty to a charge which alleges he intended to defeat the ends of justice by failing to wash and clean his hands properly when instructed to do so by DC Fordyce at Fettes Police station on May 7, 2010.

The trial before judge Lord Bracadale continues.