Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#McCann : The Largest Missing Person Fraud - Gonçalo Amaral Has Started To Speak Out He Appears Confident - Content - What Else Does He Know ?

The cleaner who received TWO cots for the McCanns May 28th 2007 in Apartment 5A puts in an appearance in this footage , let us hope she is at the libel trial.Kate McCann lied and claimed there were three cribs! ...The same cleaner saw cots in seperate rooms May 2nd ,by May 3rd the McCanns had placed both cots together, the stage was set for their dead childs faked abduction.

Within days the McCanns along with their family created a fighting fund, paid two months mortgage and in every media image were grinning from ear to ear.

Like it or not one way or another they were actually responsible for that little girl's death and are now trying to cover it up by saying she was abducted.