Sunday, March 11, 2012

#McCann :Sedation - FSS Returned Hair Without Roots NOW It May be Tested For Pharmaceuticals


The discovery of new indicia could lead to the formal reopening of the process. If this occurs, proceedings can be made in order to fill up the voids in the case. One of them has to do with the analysis of the hair samples, found in the trunk of a car, rented by the McCann couple 20 days after the disappearance of their daughter.

At that time, the hairs fibres were sent to a Laboratory in Birmingham, that admitted that they
could belong to Maddie. However, since they had no roots, it was not possible to identify [and extract nuclear] the DNA. They were returned.

Today that problem seems to have been overcomed. There are now laboratories in Germany and in Holland with the technical capacity to identify the DNA using rootless hairs. They may even provide information on possible drug substances that have been ingested.

It should be recalled, that at the time, information was divulged that the children were given pharmaceuticals drugs in order to help them fall asleep.