Sunday, March 4, 2012

#McCann : Robert Murat - Had He Lived In England How Many Believe He Would Have Been Framed For The Murder Of Madeleine McCann ?

Something MP Tom Watson said last week during his statement on the murder of Daniel Morgan did not sit well with me, he said Alex Marunchak wrote several articles on the murdererd Soham girls T-shirts. Marunchak strongly denied this, so I went in search of any articles he may have written and sure enough there is nothing from him, there is however many from Clarence Mitchell , who everyone appears to be protecting .

Clarence Mitchell, a BBC reporter at the scene told how painful it had been for him, as a father himself, and how aware he was of what the fam­ilies were going through. The journalists did feel that they were contributing to the search, and that the local community welcomed this. People would come up to them and ask for the latest news, and they felt that this was useful. All this changed abruptly when the children were found, and from being helpers, the journalists were ostracised by the community, to the extent that one of the pubs which had welcomed them previously put up a sign saying 'No Press, no Media'. And it hurt.

This brings me to Robert Murat and how quickly the British media jumped all over the likeness of Ian Huntley and how one Clarence Mitchell related both men to these child crimes.

I then found some links of interest on Ian Huntley and how he was also set up by the media.Knowing what we now know this information certainly makes you think!