Saturday, March 10, 2012

#McCann : Virtual Reconstruction Test Witnesses's Version

Timelines submitted by the Tapas 9, handwritten in torn child's book (alleged to belong to Maddie)

in Madeleine McCann Process, Volume X p.2578 to 2579

The software of the English will be used to supply further clues to the investigation

by Nuno Miguel Maia and Óscar Queirós

The Scotland Yard possesses software designed to reconstitute, in a virtual way, the facts that have been reported by the various witnesses who have intervened in the process of Maddie’s disappearance.

The existence of this tool may be important to find new leads, in order to solve the case. The versions of those involved may be crossed referenced, and after the data is processed by the software, one can understand what adds up – and what does not.

In this software, one can insert photos and the description of the apartment, including Maddie’s bedroom, drawings or photos of the entries, routes to the restaurant – and a description thereof – where the parents and friends were dining, their table and the localization and position of each person.

The software will also receive the statements that everyone has made and will be making (the English will hear the McCann couple’s friends again), as these people may recall facts, as small as they may be, and even add objects that may give their descriptions more veracity.

From there on, the investigators may reach more precise conclusions, which, very often, belies the testimonies that have been described in their statements.

Connection chronogram

It should be recalled that, during the 14 months of the investigation, a diligence for the reconstitution of the facts with the participation of Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends was not performed1 due to the lack of agreement and “availability” concerning the date that was set by the PJ. The Public Ministry eventually forgo the execution of that step. This is considered by many to be the major lapse in the investigation.

The reconstruction without the presence or the cooperation of arguidos or witnesses has been performed by the Judiciary Police for several years. However, in a more “handmade” approach. In Portugal, and due to the lack of more sophisticated means, like the software used by the English, the PJ uses what is described as a “connection chronogram” [timeline], creating frames with photographs, drawings and witness statements and statements from the arguidos.

Recently, an official of the British police declared that the time has not yet come to speak again with the McCanns and friends and that they are “breeding the ground” to achieve that.

Citing police sources, the British press reports that “rigorous translations” of the Portuguese process are underway, with a particular zeal regarding the statements of the friends of the couple, “so there is an absolutely certainty of what was stated (by them) and its significance.”

in Jornal de Notícias, page 3, March 10, 2012 | Online paid edition | Translation by Astro/JM

The Cancelled Re-enactment in Volume XVI of the process - The emails exchange between the Tapas 7 and the Judiciary Police declining participation in the reconstruction of the day when Madeleine McCann disappeared.