Saturday, May 5, 2012

#McCann :There is more than enough evidence that Madeleine McCann never left apartment 5A alive five years ago by Chelsea Hoffman

Kate and Gerry McCann are putting themselves in the media eye again, but no amount of money pandering and publicity for book sales is going to change the facts in this case. The facts are that there is more than enough evidence that Madeleine McCann never left apartment 5A alive five years ago.

First of all, like many cases in The States that raise concern, cadaver and blood dogs 'hit' on the scent of a dead body in the McCanns' car and apartment in Portugal. No other similar evidence has been found anywhere. As you can see in the videos here, Kate and Gerry McCann have always downright refused to acknowledge or discuss the credible forensic evidence in this case.

There are other issues in the disappearance of little Maddy that bring to question the credibility of whether or not she's alive, although the forensic evidence is more than enough most of the time. There are several questions that Kate McCann was asked by investigators in Portugal back when she was named a suspect in her daughter's disappearance. Kate McCann flat-out refused to answer 48 questions that investigators asked, even after acknowledging that she knew that it would hinder their investigation. Here are some of those questions:

Is it true or not that in England you went so far as thinking about handing over Madeleine to a relative to look after?
At home (in England) did you give medication to your children and what kind of medication?

Did you have any responsibility or involvement in the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine?

The fact that the McCanns have refused to answer specific questions even during the preliminary investigation is just worrisome to say the least.

The idea that they are continuing this charade of the young girl being alive is heartbreaking. Either they are completely fooled and desperately clinging to hope, or they're both a couple narcissists on the same level as Casey Anthony. That's just a speculation.

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