Monday, September 6, 2010

The baby monitor

All of the Tapas are involved by the simple fact they have all lied. Two are only of interest. The witness statement of Dianne Webster and Russel O’ Brian. PJ statements and not the ones in Leicester.The Leicester statements have no value.
O’Brian claims his daughter was sick and Jane went alone to dinner around 20H35/20H40..O’Brian also claims to have left 5 minutes later. When he arrived all the adults were there, without the children. David and Fiona were missing and Dianne Webster clearly then not all the adults were there.  The time almost 9 p.m..

Dianne Webster, in her statement said she arrived with the Paynes approx. 21.00H. She does not recall, but thinks perhaps Gerry and Matt had not been in the Restaurant. I have no interest in Matt only Gerry. Gerry would be by now on his way to or in the apartment..We know this because he met with Jez Wilkins.

In this regard, asked specifically whether, on the journey to the restaurant, if they had passed either of the two individuals described in the preceding paragraph, she answered categorically not.

Questioned about the members who, during the dinner, had absented themselves from the restaurant, the witness says that, as she recalls, there were some people who left, failing to identify which, except for Russell who had left the restaurant and taken a little more time than usual due , from what she knows, his daughter being sick.
Asked, she states that it would be normal for one member of each of the couples to get up regularly in order to check in their apartments if the children were well.

She clarifies that the practice was for each couple to check their own children, it not being usual for anyone to check the children of other couples.

The question asked, she thinks that up to the date of the disappearance it had never happened that anyone had entered the apartment of another couple in order to check their offspring.

Nevertheless, it seems that the couple Payne and the witness, did not make any trips to apartments, because they had an intercom called the “baby monitor”, through which sounds or noises of the children could be heard.

Prompted to state for the record the movements that occurred that night, during the above dinner, the witness reiterated that she could not say specifically who had left nor when they had done so.

Therefore, she can only say with precision that, at around 22.00 Kate McCann returned to the restaurant, seemingly in panic, communicating to others the fact of Madeleine’s disappearance.

Asked about the reaction of other members of the group when they heard the above from Kate, the witness says that everyone, except the witness, left the restaurant and went to the apartment of the couple McCANN in order to find out what was going on.

In turn, as relates to her, the witness says she stayed at the restaurant for about five minutes, then, noting that the remaining members of the group had not returned, she followed in the direction of the McCANNS’ apartment.

In that apartment she found that KATE was completely in panic, in “state of shock “.

Because she was asked, she states that she entered the apartment by the sliding glass door of the patio at the back, which gives access to the lounge. Then she went to the children’s bedroom, noting that there she found KATE and the twin siblings of MADELEINE .

She added that she did not remember too much detail about the scenario that she found in that bedroom, other that what she said above. However, she states that KATE had repeatedly commented that, on arriving at the bedroom, she had found the window of the room, with its shutter, both open. Yet, she [DW] did not notice, upon entering the room, if the window was or was not open.

However, she wants to stress that immediately afterwards, she went outside the apartment in order to ascertain whether she would be able to raise the shutters by hand from the outside, and found it was impossible for her. Consequently she infers that at the time of her arrival at the apartment the window would have been closed already.

Because she was asked, she says she does not know if the window, and the shutter, of the couple’s bedroom were open or not, in that she did not enter that room.

Prompted about the conditions of light inside the apartment at the time, the witness believes that they were good, judging that the lights were lit as she recalls no darkness.

Regarding the bedroom previously occupied by Madeleine, she does not remember if the lights were lit, but knows that when she entered the twins were still sleeping in their beds, which makes her think that maybe those lights were switched off. She added that, for her to see the twins and their cradles, and the bed of MADELEINE, the darkness would not be complete, but that the room had some light she thinks must have been from the light of the lounge.

She adds that that night, and after the occurrence of the facts under investigation, she was in the apartment on two separate occasions. At the time described above she remained about 10 minutes in the apartment.

After this time she returned to the restaurant to get her handbag as well as the MCCANN couple’s camera and “baby monitor” of her daughter, and was soon back again in the apartment.

The question being asked about the people that were inside the apartment of McCANN at that time, the witness said that the McCANN couple were present (although on the first occasion she had no recollection of having seen GERRY), and FIONA, not remembering any other people that were there. However, she admits the possibility of there being [others] inside the apartment, including David, in that, as mentioned above, all of them had gone to the apartment following the news that KATE had given.

The question asked, she states to know that male members of the group undertook a search around [outside of] the apartment to try to locate Madeleine, which was absolutely fruitless. The deponent states that FIONA had asked her to move to their daughters to make sure that everything would be well with them, hence the deponent will have returned to her apartment from which she did not leave anymore.

What did Dianne Webster really go back to collect from the table, if anything? Waiter said there were only coats and jackets left behind . Would a woman leave  her handbag and an expensive camera unguarded at the table..she certainly seemed in no hurry to check on her own grand children . Her state of mind, going outside and checking the shutter seems to suggest she did not believe Kate .

Did Dianne Webster know the plan and want no part of it?…Dianne, listening to the baby monitor on the table, not listening for her grand children but the movements coming from apartment 5a. , through the baby monitor  Dianne would be able to hear muffled sounds of someone collecting the heavily sedated twins, sedated so they would not wake or remember their journey …Then and only then did she rise and slowly walk to Apartment 5A. Her witness statement correct ‘I saw Kate, and the twins in their cots’. But she does not mention seeing Dr.Gerald McCann, he had yet to return .