Monday, September 6, 2010

The longest shadow

Jeremy and Bridget both work in television, Jeremy producing documentaries and Bridget had worked on Crime Watch.

They flew to the resort April 28th 2007. Whilst on the plane they came into converstaion with O’Brian and Oldfield, the reason, their children were of the same age and were playing together. They were also aware of the presence of their partners, Jane Tanner and Rachel Mamphily.

Flight attendants would be walking up and down with food and drinks.  Parents would have been asked in a friendly way , to keep their children under control apart from the fact they may harm themselves.  The children may have been used as to how the couple new the Oldfields and O’Brian. Not the first time in this story the children have been used to cover for the parents.

Jeremy claims to have first met Gerry at a tennis coaching session held by staff associated with the Mark Warner resort on the first Monday of their holiday April 30th. He found Gerry to be amicable and willing to chat. He paired with Gerry for part of the lesson and described him as ‘Good company if not a little gregarious’

He did not see Gerry again until Tuesday May 1st. This you will remember, was the night Mrs.Fenn heard a child screaming Daddy, daddy from the McCanns apartment.

Jeremy, during another tennis lesson met some of the group and only then realized the people he met on the plane were Gerrys friends.

Jeremy recalled also this same day walking to the creche with Gerry around 12.30 hrs because Madeleine had spent the morning there. Jeremy does not mention if he saw Madeleine.

Jeremy seemed eager in his statement to explain the creche and how it functioned. The evening creche seemed more important to him than the daytime . Jeremy said the children would be left with staff and most would be picked up before 10pm. Notice the time, 10 pm.

It would not be  an unusual sight to see people walking at night with children in their arms asleep. The Creche would also supply a blanket to cover the child if required.

Wilkins noticed the group appeared to be boisterous when in the Tapas with Gerry playing centre stage ‘Almost holding Court’.

They also noticed the behaviour of David Payne, he seemed to be ‘playing up’ to Gerry. Maybe this game of theirs is what ended the friendship between the McCanns and the Gaspars.

Jeremy and Bridget back up the McCanns version of leaving the children alone and doing regular checks.

We then come to May 3rd 2007.

Jeremy went to play tennis at 10.30 hrs, Gerry was there, they chatted, also present was a female member of the group but he did not know her name ?

After tennis they all went to the pool ? Who is all? Jeremy,Gerry and the woman without a name?

By this time Jeremy states both Gerry and Kate were now present and spent time talking with the female tennis coach. A little confusing here and I am surprised Jeremy was not asked to clarify, was Kate already at the pool?

At 12.30 hrs Jeremy and Bridget went to collect their children from the creche. They did not see the group anymore that day.

Their son of eight months , was unable to sleep , about 20.15 hrs Jeremy took him in the pushchair for a walk.

Jeremy, walking on the right side of the road passing the Tapas bar on his left. The street lighting was not good but clear enough to see. As he approached the corner of the McCanns apartment he saw Gerry appear from the area of the gate. At this time they were stood with Gerrys back to the building near to the gate and Jeremy facing him. Rua Dr Agostino was about 10-15 meters to his right and the pathway leading to the front of the apartment block about 5 meters to his left.

Jeremy is adamant he saw nor heard anyone. The conversation lasted at most about three minutes.

Gerry was chatty, his normal self.

The couple woke with a knock at the door around 01.00 hrs. On answering they spoke with the resort manager and a member of the group known as Matthew. It was then they heard Madeleine was missing.

Several weeks later, Jeremy received calls from Gerry , he wanted permission to use his name in a Portfolio of evidence being compiled by the McCanns. They were very persistent and made several attempts to contact him both at work and at home.

They had no objection to being included but were concerned as to the method being used.

Much explained as to why Bridget wrote her anxious article in the Guardian about her friend Kate, The couple were being pressured by Gerry Mccann.

It was very important to Jeremy where he stood when talking to Gerry, very important and detailed, also important to Jane Tanner so much so she burst into tears. But of no importance to Gerry McCann, Gerry would decide where his bit part actors should stand after all this was his version of events.

Jeremy also wanting to make it very clear there would be nothing strange in seeing a man with a sleeping child before 10.00 pm.

Bridget feeling she had to explain in her article Jeremy had walked home the night of May 2nd with their sleeping son in his arms, wrapped in a blanket.

The couple must have known and realised something was dreadfully wrong.

Jez Wilkins has a deep dislike for Dr.McCann